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Follow wazmac on Twitter News and information of interest to informed and innovative educators,
particularly relating to the use of new technologies in K-12 schools.
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wazmac has moved!
This page is no longer being updated.
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wazmac - how-to guides
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Quick Links
Free Cloud tools
DropboxAccess your files from anywhere.

BoxSimilar to Dropbox, with generous free capacity.

BoxIdeal for sharing files from a cloud server.

Google Drive
Drive-docsEdit & share Google Docs files from any device.

DropboxSyncronise files & folders between your devices.

EvernoteMake notes and clip web pages to the cloud.

EdmodoSocial networking and online collaboration for your class.

EduCloudInfo about using Cloud services in schools.

Cloud Compare
Cloud CompareWhich file-sync service is the best option for your needs?
School ICT Planning
School PlanningReading, research & ideas relating to the use of ICT to support the curriculum.

Online Classroom
Online LearningIntegrating LMSs, Intranet, social network protocols & BYOT in your learning environment.

School Intranets
School IntranetsProvide an online web publishing environment for students & teachers in your school.

Google QuickStarts
Drive-docsStep by step guides to getting up to speed with Google's apps.

Moodle K-12
Moodle ResourcesTutorial notes, videos & resources for teachers & admins who are getting started using Moodle in their school.

Servers & Networks
ServersConfiguring & maintaining servers and networks to support learning environments.

The Staffroom
School PlanningThoughts and discussions related to current issues in education.

wazmac Daily
PaperLi NewsCompilation of wazmac Twitter news.

Travel Tech
TraveltechUseful tech tools & apps for travellers.
The Learning Curve
SMH education blog - you can post comments relating to the discussion.

Maralyn Parker
Telegraph columnist writing about current education issues.

Discussion of issues impacting the implementation of ICT in the curriculum.
Edu Media (Aust)
SMH Education
Education articles from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Variety of resources for teachers and students. (SMH)
Standardised Testing
RankingsLinks to a variety of articles relating to the implementation of teacher and school rankings based on the results of standardised tests.
BYOT and Trust
Teachers are concerned that if students are allowed to use their own devices they will be checking email, texting, and engaging in other off-task activities. Just like we all do in staff meetings!

All Together Now
Neil Hopkins discusses the pace of pedagogical change in primary schools.

ICT Co-ordinator - Bridge or Barrier?
An effective ICT coordinator acts as a bridge between new technologies or new approaches to using technology and the successful outcome of students' learning.

Things That Make a Difference
Some thoughtful discussion about support for teachers integrating new technologies in the school curriculum.

Handling the inappropriate
Discussion about what happened when a NSW teacher introduced the Edmodo social networking environment to their Year 9 class.
iPad Deployment
Enterprise iPadEnterprise deployment info for iPads in schools, from Apple.

iPad apps for educators
iPad for EducatorsSome neat apps here for those exploring the iPad in their classrooms.

iPad to the Cloud
iPad to the CloudSave iWork files from your iPad to Box and Dropbox.
Teaching & Learning
HPS Student Showcase
A selection of the fantastic work students publish on the Helensburgh PS school Intranet every year.

Quickly produce meaningful animations that represent learning, using free software. Developed at UOW.

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
A variety of resources to support the application of Bloom's framework in our learning environments.

Agile teachers
Stephen Heppell discusses how teachers can thrive in new learning environments.

From Degrading to De-Grading
An interesting discussion about the value of grading students' work.

Google-proof questioning
A "Google-proof" question requires analysis, interpretation, and investigation. We need to set tasks that challenge thinking skills, not Googling skills.

Teacher Tips for Blogs
Ideas and discussion about the organisation of student publishing projects in the classroom.
Dropbox proxy settings
Dropbox preferences for use with a proxy server. (pdf)

Printopia (Mac)
Installed on a network computer, this small utility will allow you to use Apple's AirPrint on your iPad to print to any printer on your network.

EnolSoft (Mac)
Capture YouTube videos for reliable display when required in your classroom. Free.

First Apple Computer
A photo to remind us of where it all started.

School web site management
Use Web 2.0 technologies in conjunction with your school web site to share the ownership of the site's day-to-day updates between multiple staff.

Preview's extra features
Apple's Preview application does a lot more than just view PDF documents. You can easily edit photos and PDFs using the Annotate tools.

Blogger Navigation Bar
Hide the blue banner that appears at the top of Google Blogger blogs.
10 Worst Practices
Michael Trucano lists what he considers to be the 'worst practices' related to the large scale use of ICTs in education. Do some of these sound familiar?

Effective presentations
A slide-show can enhance your lesson or presentation, especially for visual learners - but it does not make a poor presentation any better. Some ideas and tips.

ICT Planning
Discussion of ICT planning in the context of whole-school planning practices.
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Commentary = Commentary
Toolbox = Useful Tools
Professional Learning = Prof. Learning
How to = How to
Classroom Application = Curriculum
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